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Molnova reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Copyright and Intellectual property
All intellectual property rights of them belong to Molnova. The use of any our trademark/content without our permission is strictly prohibited. Molnova authorize you to use the trademarks/content on this website only for purchasing or promoting our products.

Molnova products are intended only for laboratory research and analytical use, not for any human or veterinary use. Any individual working directly with these products should have free access to the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and should read and understand it completely prior to use. Please contact our customer service department (info@molnova.com) if you require additional copies of any MSDS.

Cherry Picking
Customers are welcome to choose any number of products from Molnova database according to their own research requirement. Molnova offers our clients "cherry-picking" service from the entire database of screening compounds.

Bulk Quantities and Custom Services
Most of our products listed in the catalog are available in bulk quantities. Molnova offer competitive discount on products purchased in bulk quantities ranging from mg to gram. Molnova has an experienced team with custom synthesis chemists. We specialize in the mg to gram scale synthesis of complex organic molecules, including API's, amino acids, peptides, scaffolds, building blocks, and rare organics. With high experiences in preparing a large numbers of different biologically active molecules, we provided more rapid synthesis of new products.

Quality Control
Molnova scientists ensure our compounds a high diversity score. Our compounds are stored in dry form or freshly prepared in DMSO. Molnova can provide complete analytical support, with comprehensive QC data packages, including NMR, HPLC, MS, LC-MS, IR, optical rotation & micro-analysis. The purity displayed in the datasheet and COA is the minimum content of the active ingredient that any given batch contain.
As extraordinary quality and batch-to-batch consistency are of paramount importance for all of us at Molnova, each batch must pass stringent biochemical and biological testing requirements. If, however, any product does not perform as indicated on its Technical Data Sheet, we will immediately replace it.